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Originally Posted by Eden View Post
Why do you rate DC that much that you would even prefer such a victory compared to a GS title?
The patriotism of the participating nations, what it means to the country to represent it plus the atmospheres are very comparable to football with noisy crowds, even hostile ones. Football ultras. If they were at Wimbledon for Murray's matches it would certainly spice things up.

Originally Posted by Eden View Post
No AO final 2010?
Can't be too greedy. Besides, at that USO he played the best he ever played, dealing with Wawrinka the bogeyman, Del Potro, and then beating Nadal clean, which he didn't entirely do at the AO. If he'd finished that off and beaten Roger there, it would have been more impressive than Rafa retiring and a tired Cilic.

Originally Posted by Eden View Post

What's your opinion about the Agassi biography? I read the book as well so that's why I ask
It was okay, I thought his honesty was refreshing but I thought he should have been more honest when on tour, he hid a lot of dark secrets for years.

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