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Re: Nadal leads Federer 3-1 outdoor hardcourts, while Federer leads 3-0 indoor

Originally Posted by kronus12 View Post
you nadal turds are such a joke on this forum, why don't you write something that Nadal eyebrows are higher then Federer or how about his toes are hairy, or maybe his hair style looks way better.
Such losers its a laugh reading your posts, its amazing how delusional ppl come up with these faults.
The best player in the world to adapt to windy condition is Federer 5 Usopens say so. Eat that.
16 - 9 I know it hurts but its real stats.
The stats you guys come up with are rubbish and know one with a brain cares.
Yep I just read your post about the "turds" and the first thing I thought was "this guy doesn't care at all about the 3-1 Rafa record"
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