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Womens doubles Final N. Petrova/ J. Dokic vs E. Dementieva/ J. Husarova

This was one of the most exciting matches of the tournament without a doubt Husarova rules

In the first set Jelena/Nadia were much stronger, Lena D wasn't playing at the net at all, she was making a bunch of unforced errors, Janette wasn't bright either, their opponents were too powerful and precise.
In the second set Elena/Janette broke Petrova's serve in the first game, Lena held and they had breakpoints on Dokic's serve but couldn't take them. They won the set eventually 6-3. WOW Husarova is fantastic, she's so clever, she sees the court perfectly well and is really quick at the net. Lena D didn't play badly either, there was one point where both Dokic and Petrova were hitting really hard at her when she was at the net, she got them all back and they won that point. Janette also threw great lobs at the right time
The third set was just amazing Nadia and Jelena broke and Nadia was serving at 5-4, Janette was making many errros during the previous games, she probably lost her focus a bit. E/J had a few bp at one of them Nadia served an ace, Lena D wasn't happy with that linesman decision. Then N/J had a matchpont that was saved and E/J won that game. Then both teams held and it went on to a tie-break, it was really close with some really long rallies and a few accidential volley winners at the end of them.Then it was time for Jelena (watched by her boyf btw) and Nadia to save matchpoints and so they did. But in the end J and E won it 9-7 I was soooo happy

I think a larger part of the crowd was rooting for Elena and JAnette but there were also a lot of Nadia and Jelena supporters. There was some guy near me who during the whole match was only looking at Jelena in a huge binocular (is there such a word in English?) and when someone screamed "Dementiva " he shouted back "Shut up" and continued looking. Freak

At the ceremony Nadia thanked all the supporters, Jelena and her mom,. her parents. She started talking in Russian, then the guy translated what she said into English, and Nadia continued talking in English, she was laughing for a while about it Then Jelena wanted to say something but the announcer said "and now it's time to hear what our winners have to say" and Jelena was standing there confused. She then also started laughing
Elena D said: "Janette serves so well all the time, plays amazing shots at the net, hits fantastic drop shots but when she has to say something in Russia she gets to shy, so lets give her support because she she speaks very well", Janette then made a little speach thanking all the sponsors, Elena, the crowd etc, she spoke Russian
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