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Re: Merton strikes back: Football & Snooker spamming plus random topics Rafachat vol.

In that toy shop yesterday, I saw the cutest little robot. (I like toy robots, preferably the windup variety. )

Price tag: € 160
I currently have 5 robots and they costed between € 11 and € 60.

So, I ask why this particular robot was so expensive.
Answer: it's from Japan and that country isn't exactly a low wages country.

I don't buy the low wages explanation because that's only part of the reason.
So, I looked on ebay and I found that robot in a shop in the USA. Including shipping costs and calculating from $ to €, it would cost me € 75 to get it shipped from the US.

€ 160 vs € 75.

Low wages in Japan? High profit margin in Brussels, more like it.
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