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Sunday Final Matches Report

Wow it was such a great day today, I'm still smiling . Everyone I supported won

Women's Final L. Davenport vs M. Maleeva
I arrived when Lindsay was up 2*-1, and the first thing I saw was Miroslava Vavrinec, Roger Federer (they kissed a few times btw ) MAx Mirniy sitting in front of me. It was not hard to guess they were cheering for Magdalena. So was I, even though I really like Lindsay, I thought Maggie really deserved to win the tournament.

Back to tennis- both players held their serves until 5-4 when MAggie broke, she then lost the game on her own serve after being 40-0 up, Lindsay held to win the set 7-5, Lindsay wasn't playing badly but you could see she was loosing the advantage she had, plus she wasn't running very well, didn't run to the balls that she thought were far away from her

In the second set Maggie broke at 3-2 if I'm not mistaken, she then took her own service game to love, Lindsay held her serve and then Maggie won the set , Lindsay was making many errors and wasn't returning well. At one point in the set, one man couldn't take his seat and the players waited for him as he was walking around so Maggie threw a ball at him, he sat immediately

The third set Magie broke at 1-1 and then Lindsay immediately broke back, by that time she was hitting the ball very well and was running fast too. Bothn players then held their serves , though Maggie had a few opportunities to break but every time Lindsay served an ace. Lindsay's serving was very good today but she had a lot of footfaults. A couple of times Maggie returned the ball with her left hand I didn't know she did that.

Maggie won the tie-break 7-4, she raised her hands in the air and it looked as if she was going to cry. She then shook hands with Roger, Max and Mirka

At the ceremony Lindsay congratulated Maggie and said that it wsa the first time in Moscow and she really hoped to come back next year
Maggie thanked the crowd and said that she was really happy to win (she said it in Russian, not perfectly but well enough for everyone to understand), she said that Lindsay was the player she always admired both on and off the court. And thanked everyone who came to support her

Luzhkov (the Moscow major) also made a speech finishing it with "Womens tennis nowadays is MUCH more interesting than mens"

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