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Originally Posted by Eden View Post
Some questions for you

1) What’s your favourite match of your favourite player and who is the opponent you enjoy to see him play against the most?

2) Who would be your favourite coach for your favourite player?

3) Which matches do you consider the best of this year?

4) What's your opinion about the Daviscup?

5) Have you ever changed your opinion about a tennisplayer (either positive or negative)? If yes, what was the reason for it?

6) Who's your favourite tenniscommentator and who do you like the least?

7) What would you like to see changed on the ATP tour?

8) What are your favourite tournaments?

9) Which tournaments have you been to so far?

10) How did you discover MTF and why did you decide to join?

11) Who are your favourite retired players?

12) If you could change the outcome of 3 tennismatches which would you choose?

13) Which was the most interesting tennisbiography you have read?/ Which biography would you be interested in reading?

14) Have you met an MTFer?

Well, I think that's enough

Thanks in advance for answering
1 Murray beating Nadal at the US Open, and that's my favourite matchup as well

2 My favourite coach overall is probably Peter Lundgren, cool guy.

3 I think this year's been a bit poor quality wise, but the first two sets of Murray-Nadal at the AO, Llodra-Soderling in Bercy and Djokovic-Federer in New York were probably the best.

4 I love it, and it saddens me that we don't have a team that can win it. If we did, I'd rather win it than one of our players won a GS. The Serbian celebrations did make me a little envious

5 Nadal, from tolerate to minor irritation to dislike.

6 My fave would actually be Simon Reed, despite his notoriety on MTF or making silly predictions, when he's commentating he's alright. My least fave is Mark Petchey, he's too fanboyish and not objective enough, favours certain players.

7 Grass be sped up and clay be slowed down, so that there's more of a diversion between surfaces. Would also have longer grass season.

8 Monte Carlo, Rome, Wimbledon, US Open, Stockholm, Paris-Bercy

9 Never been an actual ATP tourney though been to some exo's

10 I don't remember I think it was through searching for entry lists for tournaments, and steve g tennis was not working at the time. The rest is history.

11 Stefan Edberg, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Pat Rafter

12 Murray v Federer US Open final 2008, Sampras v Kafelnikov RG 1996 and Roddick v Nalbandian US Open 2003

13 I've read Agassi's, and would love to read one by Edberg

14 No though I'm aware one (Xavier7 I think) lives about a 20 minute bus ride from here


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