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Re: Implications of Federer vs Rafa 2011 AO, what does it mean for the winner?

Originally Posted by nadal_slam_king View Post
If Federer meets Rafa at the 2011 AO Final, what would it mean for the winner?

I guess if Federer beats Rafa it confirms he's better on hardcourt in the head2head as it ties the hardcourt slam head2head at 1-1 and leaves it to the non-slam results to decide, and those results favor Federer. It would also make Rafa's 2009 AO win look like an aberration blamed on a temporary slump by Federer.

If Rafa beats Federer then it gives Rafa a 2-0 lead in the hardcourt slam head2head, and while some may say Federer is past his prime it won't look that way in history because Federer won 2 slams in 2009 and a slam in 2010 and the WTF which doesn't make him look like a 'has been', especially when Federer continues to beat Murray and Djokovic more times than he loses.

So if they meet in the 2011 AO there is one scenario which is very simple and consistent which is Federer winning, and the other result would be very confusing for anyone looking at their head2head. That confusing scenario would either suggest that Rafa is beginning to raise his hardcourt game and be on the cusp of hardcourt domination (having won 2 consecutive hardcourt slams, and going deeper into the WTF than ever) or it could be accounted for by simply saying that Federer is a mental midget vs Rafa in slam Finals (as he wouldn't have beaten Rafa since 2007 Wimbledon).
If nadal wins, I think we have to put up an end to disccuss whether Roger is the GOAT. Definitely he is not,even if he won more grand slams in lacking of competitive era. He is in utter disadvantage facing his biggest rival.
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