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Re: 2010 Davis Cup Final: France vs Serbia. Allez les Bleus!

Originally Posted by DanaKz View Post
Thank you Teem so much
with my allways and so beautifull english , the end of jo whith his mother's interview :
Evelyne Tsonga, 53 years old, specialized teacher for yound people (less than 11 years old).

We often talk about his power of confidence. He has a great believe in his capacities. Since he was young, he had never doubts. Even some failures (???), he allways know how to cross them soon. He's very positive and look before him. He can't play to the DC finale ? anyway, he's well speaking about 2011. His father and me have allways make he wasn't questions. And he has allways been enterprising (). That was the kid who sprong from anywhere could seem dangerous for others. But he allways tried !
he allways know to go so far he can do and that's why he's so perfectionist.
but be carreful, if jo is a go-getter, he's not blind. Young he took risks, but caculated risks. He's very posed, thoughtful. On court, he's very more expansive ! It's not du because he's brown. When he made show on court, i'm not surprised because he's a good living. He loves laughting, his friend, the public which is as a great friend.
He loves people, speaking, exchanges, with a philosophical side.
He hates to be alone and in the same time he loves fishing. he loves to live in harmony with others. That's maybe what it makes him the face of leader, not considering sports.
at school he had a lot of friends who called him "the big jo" and this one was a little "zorro". Cause he was allways definding them against injustices. With his power, nobody tried to fight with him. He had a natural instinct to be respected without fighting. He has no anger but there's a moment where you have to stop ! For example, don't never touch his brother or his sister ! In the same time he knows how to stand back.
Boy he was very quiet and loved by his professors because he was serious et happy.
Now it's no someone who makes all what you want ! He's very speed to decide what he have to do !
What could be difficult day after day to live that's he's very independant. He drives his car, that's all."
I translate "word for word", hope Dana anderstand the meaning behind that !
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