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Talking ~*Litita's & Ted's Cosy Café : Season 4 *~

Welcome to
~Litita's & Ted's Cosy Café~

Cafe Members
Carlita (Sjoukje)
tedlesurfeur (Ted)
scoobs (Chris)
Eruwen (Gaby)
Denaon (Dani)
Peta Pan (Peta)

Regular Guests
Clashcityrocker (Duncan)
rtgy (Yavor)
sofia_c (Sophie)
GhostUnholy (Rohan)


Owner's note
almost anything goes
*keep it fun
*no gross or crude comments
*don't spam us
*make an effort to get to know the people here...
just "hello" and leave is not what we're after

We like to play games every now and then
it would be great if you joined us

This thread is cosy and intimate
and that's how we want it to stay.


Carlita & tedlesurfeur


Cosy Café Season 1
Cosy Café Season 2
Cosy Café Season 3

♥Marillion♥ ♥Kane♥
~Fernando Verdasco~
~Juan Martin Del Potro~

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