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yup that's exactly how it is, it's clearly a communication issue and it looks like 99% of it is nothing the mods here cant be blamed for, the administration from verticalscope seems really a complete joke sending one single fella here once a week who obviously doesn't have anything at all to do with tennis in an eternal struggle to push the most recent tournament forums on the front page
one would think that the money they get from subscriptions floats right into improvements and most of all into server size which would solve the main issue of this forum, the functionality, but the database stuff you can almost bet on after every exciting GS semi or final (and not only then) is obviously telling us differently; really glad I'd never paid into it although I've considered once or twice, by now we'd surely be beyond the point where I would demand my money back
oh well.. I hope they're getting the Asia thingey fixed soon at least, it's really no biggy
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