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Originally Posted by Ivanatis View Post
yup once again it's a nice nittle cocktail of arrogance mixed with ignorance, plus the only admin/mod who deals with technical issues looks in here like once a week

if at least sth. was happening, it would be fine, but how dare I ask with not even all the database error stuff fixed after years
Well I think the "database error stuff" just means that there is too much on this Forum for the server to properly handle. There is a lot of waste on this Forum--player forums that are never used (and I'm not talking about players who are sick or injuried) and instead of closing/removing forums more just keep getting added.
And I know all the Mods don't receive full information about the working of MTF because when I have asked questions I'm been told they don't know the answers. So obviously they aren't all that much more informed than the posters here are! Which is a bad situation, but it isn't the Mods' fault that they aren't being given the informaiton.

And yet on a Forum this size there is no room for the word "Asia". It would almost be funny, if it weren't so sad!
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