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Re: Fringe (TV Series)

Originally Posted by Aenea View Post
I've been following this series since its start. The only series I follow actually. I like it very much, very well thought and developed. The only thing I don't like is Ana Torve's acting but it is not something that will turn me off of the show.
orangehat, what new characters in season 3? Besides the one you mentioned there are not any. I liked the taxi driver in episode 1 and too bad he was only in that one episode. Why did they kill Newton I was huge fan of his.
Another thing I have to mention is that they stole the idea about the Observers from Odyssey 5, not only the idea but everything about the Observers is a direct copy 1:1. Really disappointing.
Overall a good series and I recommend it to anyone who likes sci fi.
Possible spoiler for those who haven't seen season 3 > Amy Madigan (Olivia's mum over there) is supposed to be a minor-to-major recurring character , and yes of course Andre Royo from The Wire as the cab driver.

They do indeed have a problem with killing off their bad guys way too quickly, David Robert Jones in season 1 now Newton

Well not necessarily new per se but I consider the alternate versions of the characters to be sort of new haha.

Originally Posted by Hewitt =Legend View Post
Yeah I had no idea what was going on there. Thanks for that. Maybe it was part of the writer's strike or something and they had to air a random episode for that week. I wonder what Lincoln's back story is as we havn't seen him in our universe yet, I bet it will be important. I actually thought that Lincoln and Nick Laine were the same person at first until I checked and saw that they were different actors. They look so similar!

Does anyone think that the people being alive in the amber will be important in relation to the entire plot of the show? Like maybe someone they need is stuck in there or Walter might try and find a solution to cure it because he feels bad about what happened to the other side after he took Peter.
That was EXACTLY what I thought too!
I think there are too many theories and I don't want to spend my time thinking about them, I'm not really that devoted a TV fan, I just like to sit back and go where the writers take me go I'm lazy

Btw you guys are leaving wayyyyyy too many spoilers around for those who haven't seen it

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