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Re: Where are teenagers ?

Originally Posted by piratesswoop View Post
Not really, more like it shows how hard it is to break through as a youngster when everyone ranked ahead of you plays virtually the same or similar style. There's no room for a talented youngster with a well rounded game to stand out because the surfaces and styles of play have become so homogenized.
You must mean the tall, strong, hard-hitting types and slowed down surfaces. You're right there, especially looking at the challenger circuit, where these burly guys serve and out-hit the underdeveloped teens. I'm not sure this means everyone plays exactly the same though, that's like saying the S&V's from the past were all the same.. oh wait

Homogenized or not, the quality of the players these teens have to fight with in order to get anywhere near the top guys (i.e challenger players who most MTF guys aka Fedal nuthuggers would never have heard of) is FAR greater than it was in the past. Basically the strength in depth of mens tennis is immense in this era, regardless of how robotically (a word?) similar they are, or how boring you might find it.

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