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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by monkeytattoo View Post
They may be genuine friends, who knows?
Of course, you're right monkeytattoo - it's not entirely impossible that Nastya is a genuine friend of Dinara - however, the trip to the ice-hockey (with Myskina and her troupe, no less,) is post their KC party 'coming out' and I would cast the following observations out there for people to consider....

Nastya's failed romance with Marat was over very close to 2 years ago - it's common knowledge that Osipova was posting messages to Dinara on her Russian page (and Dinara was responding) since then- so from the start of 2009, and more recently, over the last year, to her facebook page. It is therefore likely that they have been 'friends' on the internet for a coupleof years, give or take a couple of months.

It therefore seems ODD, given the length of time they have apparently been 'friends', and the fact that Dinara must have spent a significant period of time in Moscow in the last 18 months, given her injuries and general lack of form (and even accounting for the fact that she would not have been in Moscow for all of the time she wasn't playing), that the FIRST time they are seen out together is the 2010 Kremlin Cup Party - crawling with press and with a guaranteed frenzy in store from the yellow press, who were largely responsible for maintaining the illusion that she was still involved with Marat for months after they had split?? ( Score 1 for the french maid - now of course, it's entirely possible that they have met regularly outside of the eyes of the paps and press in moscoe over the previous several months,...but given Nasty's love of the flash - how likely IS that??? just askin....)

Since the KC, Dinara and Nasty appear to have been inseparable - going to the Federoff&Vengeroff launch,(being snapped by the paparazzi - score 2 for Nasty...) being involved in that childrens charity presentation for the blind kids that Dinara attended and presented prized along with Alexey Yagudin (score three for the new and caring with a social conscience NAsty - Marat, are you watching, I love kids too....)....going to the hockey and being photographed again (score four) and then, wouldn't you know it, within another week, the clincher GOAL - score 5 - whether by accident or design, the photo op with the big guy comes along...sit back and wait for the proposal, Nasty!

Or is it just me??? jeeze...maybe I am judging her too harshly.....and all these things are just coincidence..... or all part of a carefully orchestrated plan on the part of the french maid who is clearly intent on working her way back into contact with Marat via his family ? what's the verdict??? I'd say so far she's playing a good game - but it's only half-time - as for me, I can't wait for the second half!

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