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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Oh dear - I was waiting for this!
I wouldn't read too much into these pics, girls - look at the rest of the pics from the night, look who else was there, and remember that NAsty has been working long and hard to ingratiate herself with Dinara and Dinara's circle of Moscow friends for months - it was almost inevitable she would not let an opportunity to get herself photographed with Marat again pass by!

In the context of a huge party I would not conclude that this makes the idea that they are a 'couple' any more real than it was before her sudden appearance as Dinara's "new best friend" at the Kremlin Cup party - calculated to get her back in the news as "marats bride' - and to boost her profile having been virtually invisible for the last year and a half - and just in time for the release of a new song by the girly troupe (I just can't think of them as 'musicians' - or a 'band'.. even 'singers' is a stretch...) how transparent can you BE, I ask you - but then subtlety was never NAstya's forte... lets wait to see how long it is before she starts blabbing to the yellow press again - she probably feels she needs to do some more groundwork first - be seen with him a few more times instead of just his sister - but she won't be able to keep her mouth shut completely.... a leopard can't change it's spots(not even if they paint themselves all over and pretend they are a kitten...)

Looking at these pics, if they were together 'romantically' (I use that word carefully), then surely the body language would be intimate ? compare the pics from the Kremlin Cup party 2 years ago(if you can stand looking at that paisley print dress and ugg boots again...) with these - they look like just like all the other photos of Marat in nightclubs with someone or other - just another 'fan-poto' in terms of the body language.

Marat has said more than once that he always remains amicable with his ex girlfriends (although I can think of one notable exception, the one he refuses to even think about) and for all we know, far from arriving (or leaving) together - Marat looks like he just stopped by on his way somewhere else - Its so totally Marat - going to what was always going to a 'fancy-dress' party on the Saturday of halloween ( I assume it was 'fancy-dress - with Nasty you can't always tell...Meoowww hSssssssss !!) dressed like...well - yeah, a bit of a granddad - but he was there to stand in the semi-darkness by the bar and look, not touch ...

Of course NAstya will be pulling out ALL the stops to capitalize on her connections to the Safin family whatever they are - or am I being too harsh and cynical? - but we have seen it all before and I will be GOBSMACKED if this lasts any longer than previously - ie: it will all die down in a couple of months ..... BUT, if he HAS decided to re-visit and old story (which I find almost impossible to believe, frankly,) then we should all just wish him happiness in his choice, right?

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