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Re: Christophe Rochus fires parting shot on doping

What an idiot. This is all purely speculative and him mentioning names shows how classless he is. Justine was demotivated and burnt out. It was apparent in her results. And she reached #1 because she was skilled. No amount of performance enhancing drugs can make you hit such amazing backhands or be terrific at the net. That's talent.

And as for Canas being "almost noble", seriously? I'll go rob a bank and give the money to my family. It will give them financial security. Does that make me "almost noble" as well? For players who lost to Canas, what about them? They were not assisted by a banned substance and lost out on $$$ because of Canas. That's not almost noble, that's disgusting. I say this and I'm actually a fan of Canas' game.

I think it's unfair to point fingers when there's absolutely no proof.

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