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Andre's Blog
Welcome to Vegas, Buster
Posted 21st October 2010

After much deliberation, and some 'lively' input from Jaden and Jaz, we have added a new member to the Agassi clan. He's a Black Flat Coated Retriever, appropriately named Buster.

With two busy careers, and two children in their prime, we still couldn't help but bring one more bundle of energy under our roof. He's 18 weeks old and has more stamina than four Agassi's put together. He is especially gifted at finding things we thought lost for years, including batteries, shoes and the occasional homework assignment that long ago mysteriously disappeared. Thanks Buster.

He's all puppy, and a great entertainer. It's quite a sight when he does three laps around the yard in high gear, and then collapses as if in a coma. We love him as a bona fide member of the family, and we all pitch in, but as you might expect, it's Stefanie that does most of the heavy lifting, always making sure he's fed and happy, just like the rest of us.
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