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Re: MTF Most Annoying Fanbase Part 2?

Originally Posted by Seingeist View Post
I wonder if this "mimesis" means that Noletards like myself develop a bad reputation by retiring from active threads with unconvincing excuses...
Only if you turn it into an art form "Mimesis" is an expression I am somewhat surprised to encounter on a sports forum. Then again I suppose this makes me "annoyingly arrogant", in which case I suppose I'm mirroring my fave player (according to the poster who introduced the term to this thread) thus confirming his/her hypothesis as to the mimetic nature of the relationship between a player and his fanbase. Oh, BUGGER!

Oh, and I voted "Nationalists" (a bigger threat to world order than religious fanatics), "WTA apologists" (harmless, but annoying) and "Other" (you know who you are).

Originally Posted by Trigger-happy mod

I deleted your avatar because it was extremely inappropriate and not appreciated.

R.I.P. Piip, my cheeky and fearless little ex-parrot.

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