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Re: Djokovic will win a slam in 2011

Originally Posted by Nole fan View Post
That's true. I'd like to see if any of these so-called fans would stick for their guy if he'd start losing and going down in the ranks. Surely not. That's the nature of glory hunters.

@federers_mate, rocketassist and p.antonius... When someone cries so much so often it is because something hurts.
Why the disdain to pursuit the glory nowdays? People can do things for many reasons: for dutty, for money, for inertia... and for joy and for glory. This two last reason are the most legits to me. Guys like Federer or Nadal have earned enough money for the rest of their lives and for the lives of their children, so what push them to continue training like a beasts, travelling tirelessly and to renounce many things throughout their youth? It's the glory. They defend the glory of their name with pride, they try to achieve the greatest possible glory for the surname of his family and ancestors, for their contries, for their fans and for the sport they love. There is nothing wrong with seeking the glory. What is wrong is the envy, the mediocrity, not giving props where is due that characterizes the sore losers who only try to justify in a pathetic and desperate way their mediocrity, their lack of work ethic and their bitterness (see rocketassist, for example)

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