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Re: Djokovic will win a slam in 2011

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
Fedtards in this thread are an absolute embarrassment

Let's get some facts straight - Djoker came into USO having 7-3 HC record over Nadal (easily winning last 3 meetins), next he was in USO final before, so Rafa was more nervous about his first final there. Lastly, the match was quality, lights out tennis (unlike some Fed's finals in 2003-2007, beating mugs like Phillopousis ) and Nole duly congratulated Rafa on the win. The guy has class, unlike Federer who breaks down in tears like an 8 year old girl who dropped her ice cream after losing in a slam final or making excuses after being outplayed (See: Soderling, Berdych matches).

Finally regarding the RG 2010, Nole lost because his fitness was bad, not because Melzer did anything special, he just hung around and got lucky.

Mark would have beaten his almighty Us Open 2010 Nadal. He was on a tear, only Fed could stop him. Anyway dont care, Fed dealt with him easily. GUys like Gonzo and Baggy and some other the other mugs that Fed has had to beat where playing the tennis of thier lives. Thats another diff, Nadal never plays and beats guys playing the tennis of thier lives..he only loses to them.

-- Thats exactly why Nole aint a threat, no edge no stamina. NO grand slam in 2011
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