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Re: Djokovic will win a slam in 2011

Originally Posted by P. Antonius View Post
Rafatards having high hopes on Djokovic to take out Fed at every harcourt slam from now on so deluded
AO 2009

Originally Posted by JoWilly View Post
Peak HC level:
1 Fed and Djoker 2. Murray 3. Nadal (baby Djoker destroyed him routinely on HC, let alone peak Djoker)
Peak grass level:
1. Fed 2. Djoker 3. Murray 4. Nadal. Just ask injured Darcis how good he is.
Peak Clay level:
1. Djoker (smoked peak Nadal with ease) and Fed (bagelled peak nadal on clay) 2. Murray (just utterly embarrassed Nadal) 3. Nadal.
Anyone who disputes any of this is a troll.

Peak Troll level on MTF = Jo Willy
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