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What is your favorite shot?

Yes I know, this thread has been done half a million times, but I just wanted to create a fresh one for the hell of it, especially since the Amateur Tennis section is absolutely dead.

I'm not necessarily asking for your best shot, but rather for the shot you most enjoy playing. I didn't put an "other" because I think this covers it all.

Also, posting why you love hitting that particular shot would be fun to read

Edit: Forgot to add my explanation-

My tennis is pretty all rounded, however, I don't possess anything major, except for probably my serve. Throughout high school, my plus side was always that opponents normally couldn't break down a particular side, and I was never uncomfortable coming to the net. So naturally I found all my shots pretty fun to play. But hitting a fantastic backhand to win a point whether it was hitting a half-volley off the baseline or flicking my backhand for a passing shot winner was always a tremendous confidence booster. I mean the moment I hit one of those kinds of shots, I just absolutely pounded everything I was offered.

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