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Re: The best looking current player?

Originally Posted by Crazy Girl View Post
pica-pica My sweet and lovely friend!!! You, here??!!!

Your nickname make me laugh, always. because pica is very similar in italian at fica, who means pussy. so Puss-pussy two times!!!! Lucky you!!!

Me, only 1 time! Do you think about "Crazy Pussy"???!!!!

For the 4 guys, I try to guess...

You look like a very clever girl, with taste for manly guys.

So: Dijokovic, Soderling, Haas, Federer. (please tell me yes about Roger)!!!
Why can't I be here? This thread is for fun, right? I'm on MTF for fun
"pussy-pussy"? OMG Tell you the truth, "pica pica" is the Latin name for the bird common magpie which I love
You did not get all the answers right but I can tell you....yes, Roger is one of them! (Isn't this what you want to hear? ) I think he has a handsome, classic look about him
And opinions to this thread are purely subjective and have nothing to do with intelligence. Intellects will be open to all subjective opinions and respect them genuinely

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