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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by swisht4u View Post
I know Netanyahu can't just do whatever he wants, he has to answer politically.
But how can the people be so much without morals? It could be that after years of conflict and many being raised during this conflict they have become hardened. They have lost the view of the importance of people, though many of the palenstinians have done their share to incite violence, each person has to be given merit on his own behavior.
Much easier to group them all together and label them, this is very wrong. This is one of the main problems I have with Israel but must be careful myself not to label all Israelis as the same.

Israel can just make a new moratorium for a year more till things are worked out.
They can attack flotillas, deny basic human rights and later claim that the Palenstinians didn't do anything. Isreal is trying to make it hard for the Palenstinians to come to the peace table with all these ongoing violations.

BTW - I won't take the link seriously as I know them, and I think they are bunch of biased people that not showing the true story from both sides.
As far as palenstinians who do violence being heroes, they believe the occupation is illegal and against their country, they are not alone with this viewpoint. I'm not the only one criticising Israel, there are many and from around the world with the only reason is that they see it as wrong.

Here's an interesting site for your reading.
First of all, of course people get hardened when they suffer this conflict and even losing relatives. What about their morals? They believe that this is Israel's land, as the Palestinians believes in this land. You know, Palestinians didn't been there forever, throughout the history jewish people been on this land.
Israel did their step. They took a year for moratorium and nothing happened, you can say that something will happen if it'll extend?
Attack flotilla's? maybe preventing from ships to get into her territory, if they wanted they could've sent the supply through Israel.

So you claim that being violence is justified because the occupation? people who murder innocent people should become heroes?
You're not the only one who criticize Israel, that's for sure, and that's the problem. It's more easy for people to criticize Israel as they are the stronger side. People who criticize Israel, especially from other countries, should try to think about their country in the situation of Israel, and think what their country would've done.

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