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Re: Poll: Nadals 2010 season vs Federers 2007 season

Originally Posted by heartbroken View Post
Sorry, but if I haven't been able to articulate my point well enough by now, I'm probably not going to be able to do it all...

By the way, I hope it's obvious that I wouldn't expect any player to want to actually trade for something someone else has accomplished. Not only is there no tennis genie that can grant that wish, but it wouldn't mean anything if you didn't actually have to do the work. It's really more like "if your own efforts could have produced any result, what would you have wanted those results to be"? But in this case, for the sake of argument, limiting the possibilities to mirror a result actually produced by a tour player during a certain timeframe.
Even were you to ask such a question in that manner to Borg, I'm still fairly certain he would rather win Wimbledon -- that was his dream coming up and the biggest tournament of the year for him. My point was, this fascination with winning on three surfaces is largely fan-driven, not player. Yes, once you're career is over it's nice to have a career slam and show that you have variety in your game -- however I don't know of any player that sets this as a goal, certainly not to do it within one year. Players want to be number 1, and win slams. Everything else is icing.

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