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Re: Poll: Nadals 2010 season vs Federers 2007 season

Originally Posted by andylovesaustin View Post
This is the deal. If Roger had a season in 2010 where he won the FO, Wimby, and USO back to back even, he'd even say it would have eclipsed his achievements in 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon people! C'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, not necessarily...

The difference is, once we start considering other years together, we're really just starting to look at an entire career. Fed won the French in 2009, so he wouldn't have had a NEED for it in 2010. The surface trifecta is still impressive, but I don't think it inherently trumps the things Fed accomplished in 2006.

I'm actually not really arguing for Nadal's 2010 as being technically superior. I'm just saying that if I could play top level tennis, and could have my results match any year since 1969, I would want that surface trifecta for ME. I wouldn't care if anyone else valued it or not. If, in a single year, I could be the French, Wimbledon, and USO champion, that would give ME a higher level of satisfaction than the other choices. I'm sure it's not what everyone would choose, but I also believe I'm not the only one who would choose it.

In reality, I'm sure most players would give anything to have Fed or Nadal's WORST year!

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