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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by mikomonstr View Post
My computer was acting up earlier and wouldn't allow me to post these, so Thank You for doing so!
You're welcome , didn't see your post, sorry!

Originally Posted by maratsmaiden View Post
Can't believe he is smoking Marlboro's As a part-time smoker, i find them repulsive!
Sherri! Thanks for the pic. Marlboro's were strictly a last resort for me too when I was a smoker. At least he's not into menthol. (apols to the menthol heads out there) He could try Camels, they're much more macho and flavoursome.

Btw is that pic from 2009 or this year?

That car is something else , it looks like a Cadillac 2-door convertible ca. '69 or '70 but I can't pin down the exact model. It's got the typical Caddy body style for the time, where the side skirts extend across the rear wheels in a straight line, i.e. without a semi-circular wheel arch, but usually there's a slight flare or bulge, whereas this is totally flat. So it might be custom made. Might not even be a Caddy , the lettering on the tail fin is illegible. Any classic car enthusiasts out there?
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