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Re: Daniel Brandwagon rolls to Bangkok. Support Daniel.

Originally Posted by Raferminator View Post
I don't get this one. Is the joke about cheering for him based on the fact he is so lousy or is he supposed to be cute? I clicked on the links and he doesn't seem very cute.

It would make more sense to bandwagon someone like Evgeny Korolev if this is based on looks.
He's not a bad looking guy, but no, that's not what this thread is about. In fact, I don't know how this started, other than the poster serenidad has a crush on him, and wants to push a pro-Brands movement. I never understood the infatuation. But, if you do want to make fun of him because he sucks, or cheer him on as sort of the man going against the odds, then go right ahead.
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