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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by maratsmaiden View Post
HEIDI!!! I've missed you!!! (as we all have ) Thanks for all the amazing pictures! hope you've been well!

Here are some pics I just found on courtesy of Diana675:


with a lovely marijuana necklace and 'statement' sunglasses :

and hunting!

in terms of his style - I personally like his casual way of putting things on/together... i especially like the jewelry. it takes a pretty confident/secure man (imho) to pull off all that hardware! I just think the ed hardy/affliction nonsense has been played out - I would hate for marat to start looking like (or reminding me of) john of john and kate + 8, bret michaels or dennis rodman!
...You'll find that two of these pics were posted on page 64 by Monkeytattoo - all three have been floating around on facebook on the Marat Safin! and Safinettes pages - and causing some interesting debates as apparently, they were lifted from a 'personal' friends only page from one of the many fake Marat Safin pages there - (for anyone interested in just how persistent trolls can be, I suggest you take the time to go to the photos sections and read through some of the comments and arguments that developed - kept me laughing heartily all day yesterday - made me quite forget i was sick as!)

anyhow, I don't think ANY of these pics are actually posted BY Marat - i doubt he has a fb page at all and if he did - it would be in Russian...but anyhow, I digress...the original sources would be interesting - the top one is clearly from his Saint Anton snowboarding trip in I think is was 2008...(remember that hat appearing apres ski with his conducting performance pics?) - as for the others....who knows - its impossible to tell - they could be from anywhere = but I hope that he was taking aim at the clay variety of pigeon and not attempting to blast some poor feathered friend out of the sky...because with his hand-eye coordination, I think he is probably a great shot....this one I think is from his Nizhny Novgorod weekends....and is the oldest of the three pics - its almost certainly, I think,originally posted by one of his friends on his now deleted odnoklasnikki page...

The whole Ed Hardy/Affliction T shirt connotation is not quite the same for people outside of the States I suspect - I mean - maybe its just me, but who the hell are "john of john and kate + 8, bret michaels or dennis rodman!" - well - I know who Dennis is....sadly, maratsmaiden, I suspect you will have to cringe well into the future - you know how he wears things until they fall apart - and I don't think he buys things because they make some kind of brand statement - quite the opposite...I think he buys things because they happen to tickle his fancy on any given day - and lets face it - we know he probably picked most of them up for 20 bucks in Century 21!

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