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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world


Whoa, forgot about those. It just struck me in the Odessa pics that YB has adopted Marat's signature look (or maybe it's the other way round ), Affliction tee, beads, bling, skanky jeans etc. All power to them, they'll still be wearing this in 30 years's time. [QUOTE=monkeytattoo;10367476]^

Hmmmm...been giving some thought to this....and - yes, I can still see Marat being hot in skanky jeans when he's almost 61 - and Yury too, for that matter - he's one fit dude - I like to think he's one of the guys that 'scared' Marat into not gaining weight when he retired (nonwithstanding the examples of what CAN happen with which Marat is all too at him for being so proud of himself for dropping those 3 kilos...can you imagine him hopping onto the bathroom scales in the morning.....) for anyone interested, YB was mountaineering again this summer - scroll down to Rob and Colby's team here:

As for the 'signature' look - well - i think actually they have influenced each other over the years - Marat always liked to wear his bling round his neck and he would naturally go through his 'phases' of 'less is more' followed by "more is just...more" -and there are the odd early pics of him wearing a ring here and there of course - but his true devotion to wearing either ALL rings on his fingers(ie Belgrade)or only his favorite silver band on his left hand (which now looks like a semi-permanent feature) and his various bead and silver bracelets seems to have fully flourished since his Nepal trip - as for Yury - well - its entirely possible that Marat gave him an "Affliction" T-shirt as gift....although the grungy shirt and jeans seems pretty much to be the 'de-rigeur' uniform of the middle-aged elite Russian man - judging by the frequency with which you can find this look on the club websites (and boy there are times where you really have to cover your eyes....!!!).... but anyhow - I am sure that Marat admires Yury for his life experience, his business acumen - and his artistic ability and would naturally emulate some things, as friends do!

I actually feel that Marat has a pretty well defined creative sensibility of his own - which he has always expressed publicly with his jewelry, his "bohemian-punk-student' look and of course, for a while,his tennis - and so it was so rewarding to see that aspect of his personality so clearly illustrated when we got that peek through the windows into his private style in the "Hello" pics - the modern industrial feel of his 'mezzanine' level - with the black steel and minimalist white blinds over the glass walls and ceiling, painted brickwork...the photographs leaning against the walls - the cluttered coffee table - then the chesterfield-style gigantic scale furniture - mis-matched - the khokhloma mugs, pot plants - the telescope - and then the David LaChapelle, the Helmut Newton...the telescope...(lol - so good it's named twice..)and his inordinate pride in the 'authetic' honey from the Luzhkov apiary - the 'real thing' OF COURSE - contrast with the altogether more traditional feel of the room represented in that pic posted by Justin Gimelstob - with the cornices on the ceiling and the massive marble fireplace and the photos in the frames - the furniture pulled it all together, as it were - man, I would LOVE to have seen the rest of the place - but I think its not hard to imagine - its so different in feel.. but then, it all speaks of his own personal eclecticism - slightly schitzoid...? Maybe - but it is SO Marat - and personally, I love it!
Ahh...sorry for that - been a while since I had a 'thinking out loud' session - but since its Saturday morning, and I have been home from work with a terrible head cold for a couple of days having totally lost my voice - this is my 'not talking'...!! feel free to skip or comment, as you see fit!

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