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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

^ taram, i used US imageshack (blocked in China unfortunately) because photobucket wasn't letting me upload last night for some reason. They're visible on Facebook I hope?

Originally Posted by :Zaz: View Post

I thought that he'd rootled around his cupboard and found his Himalaya Joe shorts ... wouldn't put it past him, to be honest

Another thanks for you Heidi, your fine work really has been noticeable by its absence Very much appreciate the share
Whoa, forgot about those. It just struck me in the Odessa pics that YB has adopted Marat's signature look (or maybe it's the other way round ), Affliction tee, beads, bling, skanky jeans etc. All power to them, they'll still be wearing this in 30 years's time.

And you're v welcome, as always!

Random papal visit update: His Holiness and I are practically neighbours at the moment! Out of curiosity I went to watch him arrive at the Nunciature last night (but not before Alan Davies' superb "Teenage Revolution" ended on C4), just 3 mins from my crib, yo. I thought I'd seen it all until I passed a bus stop packed with be-cassocked clergymen singing "Be Thou My Vision" like a bunch of Welsh miners. (hey i thought that was a protestant number? ) Needless to say, I ran past this load of yobs as quickly as I could ...
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