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Re: Ernests' Photos and Videos Part 2

At last! The second part of the vid is translated. (I apologize for long sentences. For some reason I tend to complicate simple sayings in English..) Anyway, hope this is useful.

Reporter: The training session that lasted a little under two hours was started off by Ernests with a game of football/soccer in which together with Artūrs Kazijevs and Miķelis Lībietis he played against the team captain, Ģirts Dzelde and the coaches. Afterwards followed a practice routine under the command of Argentinian Hernan Gumy. The health issues that caught up with Gulbis during the US Open are now put behind and it seems that he's ready to play once again.

EG: When I came back from New York.. I caught a stomach virus in New York, I lost 3 kilos (6.6138 pounds, thanks google!) right before the match. I didn't feel all that great. I visited doctors upon my arrival to Latvia, took some medicine. It seems that the worst is over. I feel like I'm almost fully recovered. I think we have a few days until Friday, there is a chance to start training more often. I don't think there will be problems.

Reporter: For the Latvian team, the battle against the Poles is very important because the winner of the event will have the opportunity to play in the Euro-African Group 1 next year as well. Gulbis doesn't feel the pressure. He will play to entertain his friends and other members of the audience, of whom, hopefully there will be enough of.

EG: Everything's less stressful. I don't have high expectations of our team - what happens, happens. We'll play and try to show our best. We're playing at home. Personally, I will play for joy. I'm happy that a lot of my friends will come to see me play, finally, at a proper stadium. At last something is being created by the state for the sport of tennis. It's not just the other kinds of sports that get recognized.. for example, the hockey has everything, basketball gets all the nice stadiums, even football. And we, like the poorest of them all, are forced to play in the dark halls with tiny metal bleachers that have to be put together like Lego pieces. And now, at least we have this place, which was built with a little more respect. You hope that people will come to watch. If they don't, what can you do? Maybe they'll come next time. We'll have to play better and then we'll see.
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