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Re: Rafachat - OK, let's be blunt here - NO Nole's win wishers allowed - Vol.29

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
JG, one good advice I received when such issues mattered to me is never to make hazy plans. I will work on code today is not the right way to go about a day. This morning I will finish the portion of the code which will complete this sub-section of the project is apparently a better way.
That's good, Hema. The more specific the better. We do SMART goals a lot. It's generally for long-term things.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
today there is not nfl right?why the f is so late,,and why im so nervous
There is NFL tonight! It starts later than Rafa though. I think 7:00 is the first game.

Originally Posted by Snoo Foo View Post
it's late cuz everybody is at work all day and they are hoping maybe some of them will go home early to watch it. this is what they deserve, a uso final they paid however much for and nobody in US can watch it. i mean, people with jobs.
I'm home from my job just in time. (But then, I'm not in the US. )
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