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Re: Rafachat - OK, let's be blunt here - NO Nole's win wishers allowed - Vol.29

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
keep spamming here
Chess Olympics start next Sunday. Not much time for spamming though.

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
I'm tired of his posts in GM. How many times can you repeat the same (untrue) things over and over again?
It just takes faith. I guess he doesn't realize that he repeats himself.

Originally Posted by Metis View Post
A few days ago the tournament schedule said that the men's sigles final would start at noon.

Originally Posted by Snoo Foo View Post
even god is a piggy roaster

Originally Posted by star View Post
star I was pleased with Nole's level from the ground and his smart play. I am sure I will regret it when the cockiness and the theatrics return.

Originally Posted by JolánGagó View Post
Does anyone here have a remedy for procastination?

Im really terrible, it is my n.1 personality problem now (neuronal degeneration aside)

I mean smth that really works and it's easy and convenient.
I try to work with others aas much as possible. Then I don't procrastinate because I feel I would let them down if I did.

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