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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by habibko View Post
of course they can.

you are still missing the point, what women can or can't do in Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with Israel and Palestine, if you have questions about Saudi Arabia you can PM me them, why are you trying to bash Saudi Arabia in each and every conversation we have regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
LOL, of course they can. From wikipedia:

"All females must have a male guardian, typicallly a father or husband. The guardian has duties to, and rights over, his woman in many aspects of civic life. Women need their guardian's permission for: marriage and divorce; travel, if under 45; education; employment; opening a bank account; elective surgery, particularly when sexual in nature"

Forgive me that I dared to think they need permission to own land as well. What in the world was I thinking? Are you pretending, or was that for real?

I don't have a problem with Saudi Arabia (okay, I do, but that's beside the issue), but I do find it odd and bizzare that someone whose country is guilty of so many different form of discrimination against parts of its own population, is pointing fingers at a country who acts against a nation they are in war with. What happens between Israel and the Palestinians isn't discrimination, it's war, I'm afraid, wish it could be different, but discrimination has got little to do with it.

You're talking about equal rights and one country regarding Israel, when you live in a country so divided by gender discrimination, as well as discrimination of other religious minorities, and you don't see how that's weird.

And as far as the rights given to Israel's Arabic citizens - while there are, I'm afraid, forms of discriminations against them (less funding for schools, structure, they have harder time being hired, land allocation, etc), I'm all for fixing it, and for years voting (using my legal rights as a woman in a democracy) for parties that would push for that, but having my country critisized by a male citizen of Saudi Arabia gets me every single time.

Hello Pot, this is kettle, are you black?

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