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Re: A short history of drugs in tennis

Originally Posted by Henry Chinaski View Post
I suspect EPO is more prevalent than anabolic agents in the men's game given that extra strength is of relatively little benefit in such a technical sport compared to endurance (although there is obviously crossover between stength and endurance).
Some theories have it steroids would only be used in off season training, along with HGH and so on to allow them to train harder and longer than otherwise. Dunno how credible that is.

There are very few male players that arouse my suspicion on the grounds of physique.
Yes, I'd probably agree - there are maybe 2 or 3 for me, but they all have other suspicious factors (rapid change in physique, associations with coaches who have "form"). On the women's side the strength boost is probably more useful, and the effects of drugs more pronounced. There are many there who just look completely unnatural - like some low weight class of bodybuilding.

Of course, if more advanced drugs are ahead of testing, players could be juiced in major tournaments quite happily. Look at the Balco brigade, Marion Jones never tested positive for example. I hope that isn't the case because it would be transforming the sport into a freak show, and the lack of players caught suggests to me this probably isn't happening - the experience of sprinting and cycling seems to suggest these things go in step leaps, where testing and doping are alternately ahead of one other. Possibly this is what happened with the nandrolene bunch 8/9 years ago, but that's quite a gap in time.

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