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Re: Is online tennis betting still illegal in the US??

Originally Posted by ConnorsLendl View Post
Does anyone have any info on the current US laws for online tennis betting?

Would I have to travel to Vegas to make a legitimate bet? I don't want to get involved with any type of bookie that could give me trouble.
the short answer is "it depends"
gambling is regulated on both state and federal level with different taxation rules.

currently the biggest obstacle for us(and a) residents is wiring money with credit cards (remember, fbi has plenty of wire fraud predicates and they are not shy about using them)

if you intend to do some heavy lifting (and i imagine in this case you would not be asking questions here) you best options are still vegas and the mob. or you can visit one of those fake countries (like ukraine) and establish a shell account (or alternatively use off-shore cc)

if your intention is to have some fun, any off-shore bookies that are willing to accept us funds should do.
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