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Re: U.S. Summer Hard Court Season!/LA, DC, Binghamton and now USO Qualies!

Originally Posted by *bunny* View Post
Woohoo, glad he won!
I stayed up until around 1:30 a.m. here when the match before Kei's (Mahut vs Ignatik) went to the decider...usually I can manage until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. but yesterday I was too tired to go on.

Kei told the Japanese media after the match he wasn't too happy with his performance, saying he tends to make errors after having a comfortable lead, and that he wants to play better and more consistently in the third round.

Dancevic in the next round will be tough too. He seems to be finding his form and he's way better than the current ranking!

Kei's best results came on hard courts too, including USO.
But from what I've read about the match here and elsewhere it seems Kudryavtsev is a kind of guy who can blow hot and cold and becomes unstoppable once he's on. Am I right? Then I can well see the danger you were talking about and I'm glad Kei managed to win in two sets!

Kei's records in TB are really good these days though!

Awww Dana, I know the feeling!
That's why I never do predictions! I simply suck at predictions and I don't want to jinx my faves!
yeah kudryavtsev tends to blow hot and cold,he's inconsistent for sure but as you said when he's on he can be near unstoppable.

I hope kei manages to qualify, i like frank and as a canadian you'd think i would hope for frank more but im pulling for kei just that little bit more.

frank wasnt that impressive against stephane yesterday, he let a 1-3lead in the first set become 3-6 and was nearly broken several times after missing key oppertunites himself. It seems that both him and kei tend to let up when they have leads and play better when its close so it will be interesting to see what one can bring the more consistent game today.
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