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Re: Daniel Brandwagon. Daniel @ New Haven. (add Daniel to facebook.)

Originally Posted by The Magician View Post
Bandwagons are supposed to be organic. They usually come from unintentionally funny threads like the King Oscar one, the Gooch one, the David Pics Ferrer one, the Giraldo one (was intentional but genuinely funny), etc. This thread is forced and boring, and spamming every thread with Brands only makes it more grating.

Some of the posers amaze me on this forum with their devotion to obscure players, seeing them in person, following challengers and back door coaching staff deals, getting really nice pictures for the forum, and having realistic goals for their players career. You obviously are none of these, you just picked Brands out of the air because it would be annoying and have neither genuine sympathy for him nor realistic expectations. If the mods don't take care of this obnoxious poster Serindad I'll just start spamming this thread because it's pissing me off.
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