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Re: Poll: How many Grand Slams could Fit-Dave have won?

overall i can think of 8

Real shots/wasted chances:

2002 Wimbledon* (green, washed up nalbandian losing to hewitt.. he could have, got to the final but not mentally ready. unfortunately got squashed by hewitt)
2003 US Open (got robbed against roddick, F vs Ferrero = easily best shot)
2004 Roland Garros (injured against Gaudio in SF, if he had won and coria had collapsed as well, then there you go)
2004 Australian Open (found an amazing federer, would have destroyed anybody else iin the draw= SF Ferrero, F tired safin )
2006 Australian Open (wasted an incredible match against baghdatis and coming off a 5 set win vs fed at tmc.. i remember fed didnt play well that final vs baghdatis still not sure about it)

longer shots:

2003 Australian Open ( off day vs Schuettler, tired Roddick in SF, Agassi in F? who knows)
2005 Australian Open (QF loss 8-10 vs hewitt, SF vs Roddick and F vs In form Safin-the-zone)
2006 Roland Garros (retired in the semis vs federer after schooling the swiss maestro at the start of the match, then suddenly after set up break up, faded. injury. considered longer shot since he would have had to fight off nadal in the final)

those are the slams i recall with nalbandian playing with decent chances of achieving a slam. the rest it was easy to predict he would lose. IMO of course, these are the "fit dave's" slam.

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