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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by cobalt60 View Post
Or Levy I respect you dearly but I have no idea why you continue to give any of these other posters fodder. They hate Israel; they always will and they only want to believe what they choose to believe. Basically those who are assholes will always be assholes. Simple fact of life. Why frustrate yourself?
Israel is hated for its actions not because we are assholes, the assholes are the ones who build illegal settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories, running the pariah state that defies international laws and regulations, but of course whoever condemns it are anti-semites and assholes according to your very objective view.

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“The goal, when I took my break of six months, was doing this for the next couple years, not just for one tournament, I understand people who say, ‘Oh, this would be a perfect moment to go.’ But I feel like I’ve put in so much work, and I love it so much, and I still have so much in the tank.”
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