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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

a soldier from an enemy state crossed the border of another state, the reason doesn't matter, this action alone constitutes a clear act of provocation and disregard to the sovereignty of Lebanon and Lebanon has the right to respond in whichever way it deems appropriate including force, and this is nothing new, since 2000 Israel has breached the blue line hundreds of times "by entering Lebanese airspace, usually for reconnaissance and spying missions by the means spy planes on photographic missions, or intimidation with military jets breaking the sound barrier above Lebanese southern territories, occasionally pushing North towards the capital Beirut."

so yes, Israel is and has always been the aggressor, when you stand on a land that is not yours that you stole by force and defend it with force, you are the aggressor by definiton, how Isrealis in general and Or Levy here doesn't see that is beyond me, but sometimes the criminal doesn't realise he is a criminal in the first place, I guess that's the case here, your twisted view of the status quo doesn't mean the world won't see the facts for what they are, no matter how much propaganda or cries of anti-semitism you make.

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isreal is an ilegal tyrant state. hand over the land u stole and stfu.
pretty much, all would be solved if they returned the lands they stole and agreed to the Arab Peace Initiative, but they wouldn't do that, they actually seek to steal more and more, this country's lunatic ambitions are the seeds of its eventual demise.

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