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Re: And Israel is the aggressor...right.

Originally Posted by Or Levy View Post
It had been an "exciting" week in Israel, early in the week, rockets from Egypt hit both Jordan and Israel, killing people on the Jordanian side, luckily nothing in Israel. Though no one can predict the affect i would have on the tourism in Eylat, Israel's southren resort city.

Today, Egyptian sources are blaming the Palestinians, after initially denying the attack came from Egyptian territories. The Palestinians called the whole thing an Israeli propaganda.

And yesterday, the Lebanese army shot at an IDF troop, killing one, seriously wounding two. The man who was killed was 45 years old on a reserve duty. He was cutting down a tree.

Today, UNIFIL FINALLY confirmed the Israeli army version, that the army's actions were coordinated with UNIFIL in advance, and that the IDF did not cross the boarders. God only know what they would have said if Israel didn't have data and footage to prove all of that.

(Of course, that didn't stop Asad from talking against the Israeli aggresion yesterday).

BTW, the 'acts of agression' by the Israeli army? Cutting down a tree. Lets assume, for the sake of discussion, that the IDF did cross the boarder, is cutting down a fucking tree a good reason to kill?

Israel is constantly being blamed of exessive use of force. Why isn't the UN, now that UNIFIL confirmed the Israeli version, blaming Lebanon of the same thing?

I'll tell you why - they fear for the Unifil solidor's lives, as they are being attacked constantly. Just read:

I'm tired of it. The assumption is that Israel is always at fault, and each day is a struggle to proof it isn't true.
isreal is an ilegal tyrant state. hand over the land u stole and stfu.
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