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Re: The Gaming Thread - STARCRAFT 2 OUT TODAY!

Originally Posted by Certinfy View Post
I'm not even a fan of the FF Series, but FF7 has to be one of the best games I've ever played. No way can Starcraft or anything like that beat it.
Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
That's not an opinion shared by all, maybe not even most people
Sorry, but I have to agree with Bilbo here. Yes, FF7 got incredible reviews on release, and yes RPG enthusiasts will cite it as maybe the best game of all time. That's all fine. But Starcraft might have the greatest longevity of any game ever made. It is twelve years old now and it still has an extraordinarily busy online community. Not to mention it might be the most meticulously crafted and well-balanced RTS game ever made. Aside from its graphics it still beats out new RTS games in every possible way.

In the end, it's very simple. What do you like more, RPGs or RTS games? I have never liked turn-based RPGs so the answer is easy. Obviously Bilbo and I are in the minority in this thread, though. But to say that Starcraft doesn't stand up to in FF7 is silly and stupid, as I could easily make the argument the other way around

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