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Re: Who is the best player on MTF?

Originally Posted by Winnipeg View Post

everyone says i have the same service motion of joachim johansson lol so i guess thats a good thing!

video from today...would have made it longer if my camera hadnt of fell lol!

of course i was playing with a U14 player so i wasnt serving my best or hitting my forehand with alot of power. but i still hit some aces but im sure u guys will pick bad shit outta this video so i cant wait.
are you a lefty or right handed?

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That will be the last victory of Rafa for quite some time.. With his joke mentality and pathetic game, I hope the disgusting player loses every single match next season. He's disgraceful. He should just retire. He's a joke.
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(10) Corey Feldman vs. (12) scarecrows
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