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Re: Who is the best player on MTF?

Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
That´s nice looking forehand. This is an entertaining thread, but the title is all wrong. It should be "The best player on MTF who´s ready to take part in a childish argument, post videos of his game and/or present his real name in a public internet forum".
I´m sure there are a lot of players here who have played at a high level and beaten a lot of good players, but who just don´t want to take part in this childish fight. Whoever the best player on MTF is, one thing is for sure: He´s someone who doesn´t brag about his game in this thread. And no, I´m not saying it´s me, so please don´t ask me to post videos or what my ranking is.
There, my popcorns are ready, I won´t bother you guys any more!
Well now, don't be so modest. Who knows, there's always room for surprises.

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