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Re: Rafatards chat. NO Rafahaters allowed!

Originally Posted by mimi View Post
coz when i was younger, i used to read a column in newspapers where there were several authors writing on a daily basis, one of them was a woman who wrote a lot about her cats, the cats pee pee on her bed and ignored her even when she was ill, so thats gave me a bad impression about cats
I wouldn't want cats like that either! I had a cat go to the bathroom on the bed ONCE, but he was a kitten and after I reprimanded him and put him in the litter box, he never did it again. I don't let my cats do things I don't like. I train them to respond to my voice and set rules for them.

Originally Posted by Veronique View Post
Several reasons. I get 24 16oz of bottled water at my local supermarket for just under $4. I'd have to spend $1/bottle at the tennis club. I also like my drinks ice cold, so bringing frozen water worked out well for my friend and I. We had ice water ready to drink the entire time. Though the guy at the gate told us that we only should bring 2 bottles next time. LOL
I always take frozen water with me to a tournament too. When it's blazing hot at IW, I use one as an ice pack to cool me down. But, I have ice water through the hottest part of the day. I take 2 liters. That's enough because I refill with water during the day. If it's not so hot I take one liter and refill with water from the water fountains.
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