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Oh, kitties are very affectionate too. Each one is a little different, of course. Once I was very ill and was in bed for a week. The cat I had at that time who grew up outside and spent much of his time outside stayed on the bed with me for the whole week. I've never had a cat who wasn't affectionate -- each in it's own way.
coz when i was younger, i used to read a column in newspapers where there were several authors writing on a daily basis, one of them was a woman who wrote a lot about her cats, the cats pee pee on her bed and ignored her even when she was ill, so thats gave me a bad impression about cats

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Epic movies, like brokeback mountain, are seldom found in the industry or worthy for the mainstream viewer. As often as I have watched the clips of this movie, I always find something more to it. For one, the gay stuff doesn't enter the picture for me, only the dimension of the highest love I have ever witnessed in life or on film.
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