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Sorry, I think you are wrong

"we have a banned users thread to stop all the pm's and new threads : where's so and so? Why's so and so banned?

Read the don't like them...tough....apparently we need them you break them, face the concequences...

as this thread is clearly going the wrong's closed as of now."

(Posted by -~Carlita~-)

I am a big supporter of the mods on here and have made no secret of the fact, but I think you have made a mistake in closing that particular thread.

There has to be somewhere an ordinary poster can voice their concerns when, rightly or wrongly, they see something which they believe to be unfair.

If the banned users thread was updated promptly after any ban I would be happy, and so, I think would everybody else.

But imposing a ban and then not updating the banned users thread for hours or days afterwards leaves people asking questions, and surely we/they have a right to ask politely for the facts?

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