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Re: Rafatards chat. NO haters allowed!

Originally Posted by sokk View Post
Exactly. That is what I used the words real fans, because I knew the other thread which is CALLED "Chat thread for Rafa fangirls.." isn't really for his real fans, or else I wouldn't have been thrown out for just saying nice things about Nadal.
You were attacking posters who have been part of that thread for nearly 3 years. You were informed several times that the thread isn't just for Rafa fans, many of the regulars don't have Rafa as their top favourite and as star said quite a few of them can't stand him , and yet you continued to view the thread as an extension of the tournament thread :retard: The moderators do a great job with this forum. Our "haters" who post in the Rafachat thread very, very rarely stray out of the thread and I don't think they've ever trolled the rest of the forum (at least since we created the chat thread) Believe me when I say I am super fast to report any trolling/Rafa bashing in here, including on the chat thread when it is truly malicious. And many times we've had some tense moments when a few of us have had a sense of humour failure (quite often me) but the same core group of posters have been chatting there for nearly 3 years.

As a Rafa fan, I'll post where I like in his forum. I'm happy you have this thread, because it means you'll stay out of the other one. That pleases me.
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